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Network and Space Systems is designing and building the future through network integration, intelligence and surveillance systems, communications architectures, and space exploration.

Network communication has become a basic requirement for all sorts of organizations. Using it for sensitive information adds further complexity to the infrastructure. It is dangerous to assume that the installation of a firewall is going to protect you from all potential security threats. This is an assumption that creates a false sense of security; and having a false sense of security can be worse than having no security at all. TRAOSAT offers security solutions for all current network technologies and bandwidths.



VSAT networks are more secure and private than alternative terrestrial technologies, making them the technology of choice for governmental agencies, military and enterprises that require high levels of security. IP traffic across the internet crosses many computers, providing multiple points of access to private traffic. Satellite communications does not travel across third party terrestrial computers, minimizing chances of unapproved access. Traffic can be encrypted using the most advanced algorithms to ensure that data will not be compromised.



TRAOSAT can work with you to design a customized security plan using firewalls, intrusion detection, security scanning, and other state of the art services. No other provider does more to protect your network. We offer a variety of products and services to respond to these very concerns to allow you to rest easy with the knowledge that you are protected by best in class security solutions.     
As a user, you face a wide variety of network technologies. To establish a reliable security base, you need a reliable partner with high security encryption products. All our solutions offer watertight security and high performance.