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TRAOSAT provide a full range of outsourcing services and solutions to businesses, government and industry leaders, both large and small. We understand advanced technologies, as well as the competitive marketplace and the need to execute IT initiatives quickly, effective and economically

VSAT Network and Integration improve your operational strategies with best practices, new technology, and management solutions. We're here to help you design innovative enterprise models. The result is dramatic, measurable, and sustainable business performance improvement. The TRAOSAT Remote Connectivity Services provides satellite communications solutions to companies that operate facilities in remote locations. Through the design and implementation of custom-engineered VSAT communications, TRAOSAT provides network solutions in remote locations, both land and sea, where reliable telecommunications infrastructure are not readily available.

We guide our clients from the initial phases of identifying the business need requiring improvement to the design and final implementation of a tailored information technology solution. Delivering an optimized network solution evolves from the integrated expertise in relational database and Client/Server tools, communications protocols and operating systems. TRAOSAT has the cooperative project leadership and management skills, coupled with software expertise and development of networking techniques to deliver on complex network requirements. TRAOSAT provides full-cycle support to a company's efforts in the deployment and maintenance of networked systems. A flexible solution set offers a choice of various configurations in LAN, WAN, INTERNET and INTRANET services. These solutions feature expertise in multiservice integration including telephony networking, dynamic down speeding, and scalability. Our network support includes installing, configuring and employing automated tools to track network configuration; monitoring network status and performance; detecting, diagnosing and resolving network problems; and forecasting future network requirements.



Our entire approach is based on proactivity: making sure that you're best equipped for the now – while also preparing you for the future. We offer full, high-level advisory and consulting services as part of every engagement, and we don’t hide in a data center. we work directly with you!